What happened in 2017 and challenges for 2018.

I have promised to update you about what I have been up to in the year 2017 and my plans for the year 2018.

Near the beginning of the year, I took part in the Imago Mundi Project Scotland 2017. Check out my previous blog post for this. Last year my new year’s resolutions were to work further on my online shop and make at least one painting a month. I haven’t quite lived up to my own expectations.

I didn’t know, that I will get distracted by organising monthly meetings at Wasps Studios in Aberdeen and also consequently help to organise the open studio event ‘Wasps Christmas Show’.  I can say thought that the ‘Wasps Christmas Show’ that happened on the 3rd December 2017 was a success. I can put that experience in my pocket now! I have even tidied up my studio for this (although lots of the tidying was done the day before and on the day, stressful!)


The challenge for the year 2018 will be to be less reactive to world around me, other people’s ideas and work on my own stuff and on ‘The Maker’s Yearbook Planner’. I will post more information about the planner in due course.

Please check out some of my works, that I have completed in the Year 2017.

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    Freda H (Wednesday, 31 January 2018 20:00)

    Well Katerina, those are some lovely pieces - you know I love your work. And happy to tell the world that I'm the proud owner of some fabric and cushions based on two of your paintings - much admired I must say.

    Hope your trip is going well.

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    Katarina (Wednesday, 31 January 2018 22:00)

    Hello Freda, thanx for a positive comment :-), things are going well here in Czech Rep. I have been busy working on my blog, and studies. And have time to think of how I want take things forward when back. Katarina

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    Debby Forsyth (Friday, 09 February 2018 19:23)

    It's strange you not being around to have a chat and a cuppa! The landing at Wasps looks great now with the work up . Here's to more success in 2018. X

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    Katarina (Saturday, 10 February 2018 18:43)

    Thanx Debby :-) I will pm you on facebook. I am missing working in the studio and chat too. Glad that change of corridor appearance created a positive vibe. x